Coastal Federal Credit Union Mobile Banking - Deposit Checks in a Snap!

Lisa Sullivan

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Published on 06-17-2015

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It’s now easier than ever to deposit checks into your Coastal checking account thanks to our mobile banking application. If you have an iPhone or Android and haven’t downloaded our app yet, what are you waiting for?

We know. We know. You’re probably thinking that you must go to a branch to deposit checks because that’s the way you’ve always done it. Well, it’s time to put the convenience of check deposit at your fingertips and give it a snap with our Coastal mobile app.

Seriously. It’s a snap!

Imagine, if you will, you’ve just left for a weekend at the beach. In fact, you may have gone directly from the office because you hope to beat the traffic. You get to your bungalow steps away from Carolina Beach sand, start unpacking and BAM! There’s your paycheck or that check from your insurance company or that Birthday check you’ve been meaning to cash right there in your purse. While there isn’t a Coastal branch at the beach, there is the instant convenience of snapping a photo of your check and uploading it to the Coastal app. Yes, it’s really that simple!

That’s not the only scenario, either.

Coastal branches are open 7am-7pm, but it is 7:05pm on a Tuesday night and you just need to deposit a check before heading to your son’s baseball game. Again, using the Coastal app, just snap a picture and upload. You’re check is deposited and you can go on cheering for the winning team.

example of mobile deposit of checks

Don’t have the app yet? No problem. Here’s what you need to do* –

1. Visit the Coastal Mobile Banking page

2. Enter your Online Banking username and password into the “SIGN IN” box.

3. Click “Add phone” to get your Activation Code.

4. Download the Coastal App from the App Store or Google Play

5. Open the App and enter your Activation Code

6. Login to the App with your Online Banking Username and Password.

*Be sure you have registered for Online Banking first.

Coastal’s mobile banking makes it so super easy to deposit checks, you’ll wonder why you haven’t experienced the convenience yet!

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