New Mobile Bill Pay Features are Here!

Lisa Sullivan

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Published on 12-07-2015

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New mobile bill pay features

GREAT news for our members who prefer to use their mobile device to do their banking –NEW Mobile Bill Pay features are here!

We've received quite a bit of feedback since our conversion to Digital Banking in October. A number of our members consistently use their mobile device for their banking needs, many of which have also taken advantage of our Bill Pay feature as well. As a result, we are making improvements to that component to make it easier for them.

Effective December 7th, we have introduced several new features to the mobile bill pay interface. This is the first step in our continuing effort to ensure all self-service features are available in both desktop and mobile digital banking experiences.

Changing a Scheduled Payment

Editing a scheduled payment is now possible. Payments scheduled for a future date that haven't yet been processed can be changed and cancelled. This also means that both one time and recurring payments can be edited.

Editing an Existing Payee

Members will also be able to make changes to payees that they have already added to bill pay, either through mobile or desktop. This includes changing the payee address, phone number, account number, and nickname.

Adding a New Payee

Members will now be able to add new payees using mobile Bill Pay. Initially, members will only be able to add payees that will receive paper checks in the mail. eBill-capable payees should still be added using the desktop Bill Pay site.

We're excited about these changes and look forward to continuing to improve Coastal's Digital Banking platform.

Please visit Coastal's Digital Banking page on our website to learn more about its benefits.

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