Coastal Introduces ID Theft Recovery Service

Joe Mecca

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Published on 01-29-2018

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In response to the growing threat of fraud and identity theft as a result of data security breaches, Coastal Credit Union is making a new ID theft recovery service available to all of its members.  Named id Ally, the service is available at no cost as a benefit of Coastal membership.

“We’ve grown accustomed to helping members recover from credit and debit card fraud after merchant data breaches, but the amount of stolen personal information as a result of the credit bureau breach led us to seek out something more robust to help them recover from actual identity theft,” said Chuck Purvis, Coastal’s President & CEO.  

In the event that a member suspects they have become a victim of identity theft, they can simply call Coastal and the credit union’s member service representatives can put the member in touch with a certified ID theft recovery advocate, who will work directly with the member and provide all of the necessary recovery work.

“On top of the financial and emotional toll, being a victim of identity theft ends up being a lot of work,” said Paul Narcisse, Coastal’s AVP, Fraud. “Victims often put in hundreds of hours of time to do research, place fraud alerts with credit bureaus, send dispute letters, file police reports, and more. With id Ally, we’ll assign an expert caseworker do the heavy lifting on their behalf, until their good name is restored.”

“We believe we’re the only institution in our market offering this to all members, at no cost,” added Purvis. Similar coverage might cost more than a hundred dollars per year if you were to purchase it individually.

Coastal has partnered with NXG Strategies, LLC, powered by InfoArmor to provide the id Ally service.  The benefit extends to spouses, parents and children of the member living in the same household.  Terms and conditions apply, which are available on Coastal’s website.


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