Your Questions Answered: Why Doesn’t Coastal Have Two-Factor Authentication?

Joe Mecca

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Published on 10-13-2017

Categories: Member Tips

The short answer is, we do!

Coastal has employed two-factor authentication inside of Digital Banking since early 2016.  We use a risk/behavior-based system that is triggered when it detects activity that is new or out of the ordinary for your particular usage.

Once triggered, the two-factor authentication system will present you with the choice of receiving a verification code via text or phone call, or being asked an out-of-wallet challenge question that only you should be able to answer. Once the code has been entered or the question answered, you can proceed with your digital banking experience.

The screenshots below show what the identity verification screen looks like on a computer and a mobile device.

So, why do some members think we don’t have two-factor authentication? One reason we’ve determined is that the people who care the most about having the added protection actually tend to be the least likely to actually trigger it, because they are very diligent in protecting themselves through their own behavior.  

We hope that helps!

Two Factor Authentication on a desktop

Two factor authentication on mobile


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