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GUEST POST: Four Key Ways to Get on the Same Page with Finances

Elle Martinez

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One of the best things you can do for your marriage is to create a financial system together that reflects your... Read More

Options for Debt Consolidation

By: Melissa McCollough | 02-03-2020 Want to organize your finances and become debt free quicker? By consolidating your debt, you can lower your monthly payment and keep more money in... Read More

Bill Smith and Coastal Foundation Earn Hero Awards

By: Joe Mecca | 01-31-2020 We’re excited to share that the Carolinas Credit Union Foundation has awarded two Coastal recipients of... Read More

GUEST POST: Taxes Decoded - What You Need to Know Before You File This Year

By: Elle Martinez | 01-30-2020 The more informed you are about taxes and how they fit in with your financial lives, the better choices you can make now as you ... Read More

GUEST POST: Want to Become Financially Independent? Here Are 3 Crucial Expenses You Need to Master

By: Elle Martinez | 01-23-2020 Imagine for a second that you’ve saved and invested enough so that your living expenses were paid for. How would you be spending your days? Read More

Financial Checklist to Get Organized for 2020

By: Melissa McCollough | 01-23-2020 There’s no better feeling than crossing things off your checklist for the year. And now that 2020 has begun, we’ve compiled a... Read More

Coffee with Chuck: You Asked for It; Find Out Where We’re Building Next

By: Chuck Purvis | 01-21-2020 We are excited to announce that our next branch will be built in... Read More