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Co-Signers vs. Authorized Users: When and Where to Use Each

Lisa Sullivan

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While the two terms describe concepts that can be easily confused, knowing the difference can help you make better financial decisions. Read More

Coffee with Chuck: October 2017

By: Joe Mecca | 10-27-2017 In this episode, Chuck and Joe welcome Coastal’s VP of Marketing & Product Development, Brandon McAdams, to help us explore the new Read More

Coastal Credit Union Launches New Website

By: Joe Mecca | 10-19-2017 Features financial education resources, including a Solution Finder Read More

Coastal’s Joe Mecca Selected as Raleigh Public Relations Society- 2017 PR Pro of the Year

By: Lisa Sullivan | 10-18-2017 In a ceremony hosted by the RPRS held Tuesday evening, Coastal's Joe Mecca was honored at the 2017 Sir Walter Raleigh Awards for... Read More

Your Questions Answered: Why Doesn’t Coastal Have Two-Factor Authentication?

By: Joe Mecca | 10-13-2017 Coastal has employed two-factor authentication inside of Digital Banking since... Read More

Thursday, October 19th is International Credit Union Day

By: Joe Mecca | 10-13-2017 You’re invited to come out to your favorite branch to help us celebrate. We’ll be showing off our new website, sharing food and refreshments, and Read More

Why You Should Break Up with Your Bank, Part 7

By: Liza Deckelbaum | 10-11-2017 Don't get spooked about borrowing. Credit unions offer a variety of loans at lower rates than big banks. Take a look. Read More