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Avoid Getting Surprised by Unfamiliar Card Transactions

Paul Narcisse

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We realize it can be very frustrating to have charges in your account that you don’t recognize. We know that the only thing that matters... Read More

Co-Signers vs. Authorized Users: When and Where to Use Each

By: Lisa Sullivan | 10-30-2017 While the two terms describe concepts that can be easily confused, knowing the difference can help you make better financial decisions. Read More

Coastal Credit Union Launches New Website

By: Joe Mecca | 10-19-2017 Features financial education resources, including a Solution Finder Read More

Your Questions Answered: Why Doesn’t Coastal Have Two-Factor Authentication?

By: Joe Mecca | 10-13-2017 Coastal has employed two-factor authentication inside of Digital Banking since... Read More

Preventing Caregiver Fraud

By: Joe Mecca | 05-24-2017 Elder abuse and fraud targeting senior citizens is on the rise again in NC. We've even RECENTLY helped catch or prevent instances of it with... Read More

End of Support for P2P Transfers (powered by PayPal) in Digital Banking

By: Joe Mecca | 05-15-2017 Our provider has informed us that they will discontinue person-to-person payments powered by PayPal at the end of July. In preparation for this... Read More

Your Questions Answered: How much capital is sufficient?

By: Joe Mecca | 02-23-2017 I recently received a message that was forwarded by our member services team. A member submitted an excellent question via secure message in reaction Read More