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Coffee with Chuck: June 2018

Joe Mecca

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In this episode, Chuck and Joe discuss ways that members can protect themselves from summertime fraud. We also... Read More

Letter From the President June 2018 - Working Together Toward Common Goals

By: Chuck Purvis | 06-14-2018 The latest from our President and CEO Chuck Purvis. Read More

Coffee with Chuck: May 2018

By: Joe Mecca | 05-30-2018 Chuck Purvis talks Power of Sharing 2018 and several important sponsorships we've recently announced. Take a look! Read More

Helping members build homes and build savings

By: Chuck Purvis | 04-17-2018 In my last letter, I talked a lot about the benefit of belonging to a cooperative, and the value that we create for our members. I want to continue th Read More

Coffee with Chuck: April 2018

By: Joe Mecca | 04-16-2018 In this episode, Chuck and Joe discuss several timely topics, including: • Entering the third year of our sponsorship of the Coastal... Read More

Coffee with Chuck: March 2018

By: Joe Mecca | 03-27-2018 Learn about our new Mission, Vision and Values; along with changes to deposit dividends and information about our Annual Meeting... Read More

Letter from the CEO: Giving More Back to You

By: Chuck Purvis | 02-15-2018 One of the best parts about being the CEO of a cooperative is that I don’t have to answer to Wall Street investors. I answer to... Read More