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Coffee with Chuck: Introducing a Surprise New Location, plus Family Day Information

Chuck Purvis

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It’s an exciting time at Coastal as we head into fall. It seems like it’s often the busiest time of year, and this year is no different. We have a Read More

Coffee with Chuck: Coastal in the Community

By: Chuck Purvis | 08-28-2019 One of the awesome things about working for a cooperative is how the desire to give back to the community is embedded into... Read More

Coffee with Chuck: Mid-Year Report

By: Chuck Purvis | 07-21-2019 This month, I’m pleased to provide you with an update of our year so far, introduce a new credit card reward, and celebrate a well-deserved... Read More

Coffee with Chuck: Music and Milestones

By: Chuck Purvis | 06-26-2019 I hope that your summer is off to a great start. I know that I’m looking forward to a few upcoming concerts, and after you hear about our latest... Read More

Coffee with Chuck: Ready for Summer

By: Chuck Purvis | 05-22-2019 Summer is still officially a month away, but one of the great things about living in North Carolina is that summer... Read More

Coffee with Chuck: Building for the future

By: Chuck Purvis | 04-16-2019 It feels as though as soon as the first warm day of spring arrived, the sound of saws and hammers filled the air. It immediately reminded me of... Read More

Coffee with Chuck: A few thoughts on accountability

By: Chuck Purvis | 03-25-2019 One of my responsibilities as CEO is to ensure that Coastal remains accountable to our membership. I believe this begins with... Read More