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GUEST POST: How to Enjoy a Stress and Debt Free Vacation

Elle Martinez

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Our friends at Couple Money provide great tips for a stress and debt free vacation. Read More

5 Simple Tips to Avoid Fees on Your Checking Account

By: Lisa Sullivan | 08-01-2016 Nobody likes to pay fees. But, the thing is, if you don’t watch what you’re doing, or if you don’t ask the right questions, you could end up pay Read More

Mobile Payment Services and Payment Automation Are Now - Not the Future

By: Lisa Sullivan | 05-10-2016 As of 2015, 12.7% of smartphone users in the U.S. were actively using mobile payment services... Read More

Buying or Selling a Home in the Triangle During the 2015 Holiday Season

By: Lisa Sullivan | 12-14-2015 According to, home sales next year are predicted to reach their highest levels since 2006 (upwards of $6M) thanks to both new,,, Read More

3 Ways to Save Money For Your Halloween Celebrations

By: Lisa Sullivan | 10-02-2015 Remember the days when you'd get your Halloween costume at the local department store for $10? OK, maybe we're dating some of us here but let's... Read More

Our Tips for Purchasing a Vehicle in the Summer

By: Lisa Sullivan | 07-15-2015 Whether new or pre-owned, when it comes to buying a car conventional wisdom says to wait until the end of the calendar year when dealers are... Read More

Celebrate National Ice Cream Month at These Triangle Ice Cream Shops

By: Lisa Sullivan | 07-15-2015 In the summer months, there are probably two things Triangle parents are often hearing from their children – “Mom, can we go swimming?” and “L Read More