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GUEST Post: How Do You Survive the Annual Holiday Budget Drain?

Lisa Sullivan

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Read how one of our members saves and budgets for holiday gift-giving. Read More

What Would You Do With $1000 Extra?

By: Lisa Sullivan | 11-09-2016 Refinancing your auto loan just might save you $1000 over the life of the loan. So, what would you do with it? Read More

Debit Card or Visa Card: Best Situations for Each

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Why the "Reverse Pin" Method at an ATM Doesn't Protect You

By: Carlton Howard | 10-21-2016 When confronted by a robber at an ATM, the notion that a consumer can enter their PIN backwards and have the police automatically paged is a rumor. Read More

Southwest Raleigh: Historic. Distinct. Modern.

By: Lisa Sullivan | 10-12-2016 Our Daymark Realty division highlights this unique community in Raleigh. Read More

The Multigenerational Home is Making a Comeback

By: Lisa Sullivan | 10-10-2016 Learn how and why the multigenerational home is making a comeback Read More

The Importance of Establishing an Emergency Fund

By: Lisa Sullivan | 10-04-2016 Read about our top 3 ways to grow your emergency fund. Read More