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What Costs Can Your College-Bound Child Expect Their First Year?

Lisa Sullivan

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Your child just graduated high school and is off to college in a short while. What expenses should you expect the first year? Read More

Why You Should Break Up with Your Bank, Part 2

By: Liza Deckelbaum | 06-07-2017 Why you should break up with your bank part 2 talks about how YOU are the boss at a credit union. Read More

How a Remodel Can Boost Your Home's Resale Value

By: Lisa Sullivan | 06-05-2017 Choosing the right remodel or renovation is important if you're considering reselling your home in the future. Here are our tips! Read More

Why You Should Break Up with Your Bank, Part 1

By: Liza Deckelbaum | 05-26-2017 Why You Should Break Up with Your Bank Read More

May Sales: Yes, You Can Use Your Debit Card and Still Have Protection

By: Lisa Sullivan | 05-23-2017 Memorial Day is just around the corner and so aren't the sales. We explore what they are and how to pay for your purchases in this post. Read More

Moving Towards Sold. How to Get your Home Ready After 20 Years of Living In It

By: Louis Guillama | 04-17-2017 Tips for selling your home after living in it for such a long time. Brought to you by Louis Guillama, Daymark Realty. Read More

Yahoo Breach and What It Means for You

By: Paul Narcisse | 03-13-2017 Learn what you can do when a major site is hacked and your data is compromised. Read More