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The Coastal Family Stepped Out and Up for Triangle Komen Race for the Cure

Lisa Sullivan

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Our recap (with VIDEO) of the 2015 Triangle Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure. Read More

Coastal Federal Credit Union Participates in Healthy Living Fair in Southeast Raleigh

By: Lisa Sullivan | 06-05-2015 Coastal's Community Engagement team participate in a financial education seminar for Crosby-Garfield Center in Southeast Raleigh. Read More

Why You Should Consider a Health Savings Account

By: Lisa Sullivan | 05-19-2015 The benefits of a health savings account. Read More

Smart Ways to Handle a Tax Refund

By: Lisa Sullivan | 04-15-2015 Great advice on tax refunds by the folks at Nerd Wallet. Read More

Cut Out Paper to Help Reduce Identity Theft Risks

By: Lisa Sullivan | 04-10-2015 Read about one method to deter identity theft. Read More

Get Organized for Tax Season

By: Lisa Sullivan | 03-27-2015 A little planning can go a long way in ensuring that you’ll receive the maximum tax refund this year Read More

Credit Unions Show How Co-Ops Benefit Their Members

By: Lisa Sullivan | 01-23-2015 Cooperatives, also known as co-ops, take many forms, from credit unions to retail shops to housing communities. Read More