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Avoiding COVID-19 Scammers

Joe Mecca

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While we’re all working hard to keep ourselves safe from a virus, it’s business as usual for fraudsters. The latest round of scams is targeting... Read More

Information on Economic Impact Payments

By: Melissa McCollough | 04-22-2020 Last week, the federal government began delivering Economic Impact Payments to Americans who qualify. These direct cash payments, or... Read More

How to Save for a Down Payment on a House

By: Melissa McCollough | 03-06-2020 We’ve compiled a list of smart savings strategies that can help you hit your home-buying goals. With these tips in mind, you can figure out how... Read More

HELOC for Home Improvement

By: Melissa McCollough | 02-13-2020 If you’re a homeowner who has paid down a large chunk of your mortgage, you could be sitting on ... Read More

Cooperative Leadership Camp Returns for 2020

By: Joe Mecca | 02-11-2020 Because Coastal is a member of the Council, children of our members are eligible to participate. Coastal is also... Read More


By: Melissa McCollough | 02-10-2020 At Coastal, we’re here to serve the members of our community, not Wall Street. Our profits don’t fill the pockets of bankers, they get .... Read More

Options for Debt Consolidation

By: Melissa McCollough | 02-03-2020 Want to organize your finances and become debt free quicker? By consolidating your debt, you can lower your monthly payment and keep more money in... Read More