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Coastal Marks Valentine’s Day with 2.5 Million Reasons for Members to Love Their Credit Union

Joe Mecca

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This morning, Coastal Credit Union issued more than $2.5 million in special dividends to qualified members... Read More

Letter from the CEO: Giving More Back to You

By: Chuck Purvis | 02-15-2018 One of the best parts about being the CEO of a cooperative is that I don’t have to answer to Wall Street investors. I answer to... Read More

Coffee with Chuck: February 2018

By: Joe Mecca | 02-14-2018 In this episode, Chuck and Joe celebrate some of the unique things that Coastal is able to do for members and employees, because we’re... Read More

Coastal’s Sara Portis Selected to Crash the GAC

By: Joe Mecca | 01-31-2018 Coastal is pleased to announce that Sara Portis, Outbound Call Team Operations Manager, has been selected to attend Crash the GAC 2018 by Read More

Coastal Introduces ID Theft Recovery Service

By: Joe Mecca | 01-29-2018 In response to the growing threat of fraud and identity theft as a result of data security breaches, Coastal Credit Union is making a new ID... Read More

Coffee with Chuck: January 2018

By: Joe Mecca | 01-23-2018 Welcome back to another installment of Coffee with Chuck. In this episode, Chuck and Joe discuss... Read More

Coffee with Chuck: December 2017

By: Joe Mecca | 12-18-2017 Chuck and Joe discuss: the CardNav app, a coming-soon ID theft recovery service and earning more credit card rewards... Read More